International Investment’s parent company Incisive Media will host its inaugural Sustainable Investment Festival, from 22-25 June 2021 live online. There will be some fantastic thought-provoking presentations from renowned keynote speakers about shaping the future of sustainable investing,  the fast-changing regulatory environment, and  integrating ESG into business processes.

Innovative breakout sessions will be specifically tailored to meet the needs of fund selectors, financial advisers, pension consultants, trustees, and scheme managers.

“It’s time to cut through the greenwash and navigate responsible investing’s move to the mainstream, with not to be missed insights from KBI Global Investors.”

As part of the packed agenda, KBI Global Investors (Noel O’Halloran, Chief Investment Officer, and David Hogarty, Head of Strategy Development and Senior Portfolio Manager) will outline their global approach to sustainable investing and the net zero goal at 13.50 Tuesday 22 June.  

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