Clients & Partners

Our clients include the leaders of many organisations across the social sector who reach out to us regularly for support with their recruitment drives. These include social investment firms which trust us to identify their ‘agents of change’ , as well as social businesses, think tanks, trusts and foundations and other social impact organisations who are eager to maximise their potential by having the right talent in place.

Our Clients

Our Collaborators

Then there are those motivational people who have been there at crucial times in our development, supporting, encouraging, connecting us and sharing ideas.

Profit with Purpose enables companies to use their resources to fulfil a wider social purpose that is tightly aligned to their business needs as well as to the needs of their communities, employees and partners.

People + Passion + Purpose
Mission: To help young people realise their purpose by getting that little bit of help and support they need to get there. To build a network of like-minded, purposeful individuals who commit to helping one another for a greater impact and believe in a better more sustainable future