Identifying Talent to Catalyse Change

We are an impact-first, mission-driven consultancy, providing human capital solutions to organisations which truly transform lives by aligning capital with purpose. Identifying the right strategic change makers is an essential component of the journey towards a 'just transition'.

Beyond the Status Quo

There does seem to be a paradigm shift in the way that governments, businesses and communities are reacting to the challenges facing us in the 21st century and a real willingness to do something about it. What’s more, NextGens are cognisant of the important role they have as aspirational leaders and change makers and they are driving the ‘change agenda’ like never before. We need collaborative action, not words, if we are to achieve the social and environmental transformation required to safeguard our future generations.

Careers4Change feels a real responsibility to identify talented professionals to assume the roles of the innovators, the entrepreneurs, the intrapreneurs and the change agents. We are in a unique position to connect changemakers to the impact finance and social impact organisations which require their skills and their commitment at this pivotal time. Furthermore, as we see family offices, commercial finance organisations and institutional investors recognise the power of capital to drive social and environmental change, we are also strategically placed to break down sectoral barriers and support their talent acquisition requirements. 

Why Careers4Change?

  • Our focus is on driving social change through human capital.
  • We are impact-first, mission-led and purposeful in our endeavours.
  • We are committed to supporting organisations which are deploying capital as a catalyst for social change, whether grant-led, blended financing or impact investing.
  • We recruit with a social impact lens, identifying the right talent with the appropriate skillsets as well as passion for social change.
  • We have an extensive network and connectivity to social change experts, having worked in the sector ourselves.
  • We have essential expertise in, and understanding of, the organisations which strive every day to support efforts for the benefit of our communities and the environment.
  • We are committed to a rigorous recruitment process which delivers on our ambitions.
  • We offer a professional, collaborative, consultative approach.
  • We are proponents of JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) and endeavour to support the development of creative, innovative teams through diversity.
  • We are committed to reviewing the impact of our work with a regular evaluation of our processes and how effective our candidates are in the organisations they are appointed to.

What our clients say

“Careers4Change has played an important role in the recruitment of several senior leaders in our organisation in the last 12 months. We have worked closely with Sheena Pentin. She has a deep understanding of the social impact investment sector and fully appreciates the fine balance of skills and special attributes required for the many diverse and highly qualified roles across our organisation. Sheena has provided a truly consultative service and we have found her to be responsive, flexible and consistently reliable in delivering talented candidates.”

HR Business Partner

Big Society Capital

“Careers4Change have been instrumental in building our fantastic team at Power to Change. They have spent considerable time getting to know the organisation, why we exist, what we do and how we work. This ensures that we are able to recruit colleagues that are just the right fit. We have also worked with Careers4Change over the last year to improve our recruitment processes to enable us to reach a more diverse audience and build a more inclusive organisation. From a personal point of view Careers4Change are incredibly easy to work with, they are organised, responsive and good to talk to!”

Chief Operating Officer

Power to Change

“We are proud to have Careers4Change representing Firebird in our recruitment processes. The way you develop relationships and communicate with candidates is unlike any experience I have had with a recruiter before.”



“Looking back, I think this has been one of the most streamlined hiring processes we’ve run over recent years.  Thank you for your efficient support and help with this important hire, it’s been a pleasure.”



“Our experience working with Careers4Change has been extremely positive. I knew right from the preliminary meeting that I had been fortunate to find a consultant who had an excellent network of contacts and I felt that I was receiving a really tailored service”


Oracle Cancer Trust