Careers4Change is on a mission to deliver talented human capital to impact finance organisations and firms with impact at their core which will catalyse social change and support our global ambition to create a more sustainable world.

Recruiting For Social Impact

Committed To Our Mission and Purpose

Careers4Change is a different kind of recruitment consultancy. We look for candidates who have both the skill sets and the passion for change which will help impact finance organisations and purpose-driven businesses to deliver on their mandates. Having the right human capital in place is essential.


We have a crucial role to play in identifying committed ‘agents of change’ who bring vital skill sets to the table and promote the notion of capital as a force for good.


The bigger picture is most important of all. We need to take collective responsibility for delivering real-life solutions for people and planet.

Our Story

Our Story is one of realisation that we can unlock impact and truly transform lives through capital, the important corner stone being human capital to make that happen.

Our Mission

To connect purpose-driven individuals with impact finance and innovative organisations focused on delivering positive social change.

Our Objectives:

To identify the real change makers and place them in strategic roles in a variety of impact finance organisations and firms committed to a social impact agenda.
The aspiration of Careers4Change is to maximise the social impact which can be achieved by appointing the right change makers to crucial roles and leadership positions to optimise outcomes for people and planet.

To create an inclusive culture within social impact and impact finance organisations.
Careers4Change is intent on being at the forefront of building diverse teams which are more representative of the general population. By promoting equal access to opportunity regardless of background or previous experience, we endeavour to make organisations more resilient, solutions-focussed and creative.

To deliver candidates who offer a combination of the required skillsets AND a passion for change.
Those individuals with the appropriate skillsets, and a social conscience, can galvanise the business and finance community across all sectors into action, empowering them to be more radical in their thinking and more ambitious in their objectives.   

To encourage the transition of human capital across sectors.
The interest in impact investment as a means of addressing global social and environmental challenges is gathering pace as the issues of the 21st century become increasingly urgent. At the same time, individuals disillusioned with the failure of capitalism to resolve global challenges are beginning to seek alternatives to their mainstream commercial roles. Careers4Change is in a unique position to connect the sectors by promoting the flow of talent between them for mutual benefit.

To accelerate the decision-making process and the pace of change with the right talented professionals in place.
The world is facing more complex challenges than ever before; inequality, rising population, energy crisis, climate change, fresh water shortages and social instability are placing unprecedented demands on communities, businesses and government. We require a work force which is agile, creative and flexible, with acute critical thinking skills, to help guide the evolution of the global economy.

Our Vision

Our Vision is a marketplace where employers and employees, across all sectors, prioritise purpose in their work, build diverse teams with shared values, and work together using the power of capital as a catalyst for social and environmental transformation.

A growing number of investors are already making investments with the purpose of generating a positive impact for people and planet alongside a financial return. This is a pivotal moment to build on that momentum, increase the flow of capital into impact investing and help safeguard the future of generations to come. 

Our Values


We collaborate with leaders and organisations, as well as purpose-led professionals, across the impact finance sector and beyond to strengthen the talent market.

Open & inclusive

We are committed to an honest and open process where all persons are treated with fairness and respect and where differences are celebrated.


Every action we take at Careers4Change, as an impact-first consultancy, is to accelerate the growth and development of the impact finance sector through talent.


We adhere to a strict recruitment roadmap and ensure the integrity of everyone involved in the process to achieve a successful outcome.


We are an impact-first agency and we only partner with companies with a genuine commitment to transformative change for the benefit of communities and the environment.

Our Story

Recruiting for social impact

We have reached a moment in time when changing the way we behave as employers, employees, investors, clients, suppliers, communities and governments has become critical to the future of our world as we know it.

Human capital is instrumental in behaviour change and Careers4Change feels a real responsibility to bring decision makers and other employees to the table who can mobilise change. Driving innovation in finance and investment is fundamental to addressing the most urgent global challenges of the 21st century.

The Catalyst: the discovery of Impact Finance

Sheena Pentin, Founder and Director of Careers4Change, emerged from an executive career in publishing in search of a more purposeful proposition beyond the realms of commercial business. She found many of her answers in a small social enterprise, which evolved into Europe’s leading impact investment firm. It was at the grass roots of social enterprise that she discovered impact finance and its potential to deliver real life solutions for people and planet. Since then, Careers4Change has been on a mission to find a way of channelling skills and passion to empower others to make a positive impact on the world by using capital as a catalyst for change.

The Motive: Careers4Change as an Agent of Change focused on growing the talent pool for key roles in Impact Finance

The 21st century has presented us with a number of acute challenges and there is a real sense of urgency. But there are also numerous innovators out there who are passionate about contributing to social change and are curious about how to maximise their own potential to do just that. Careers4Change has an important and immediate role to play as an ‘agent of change’ in this impact finance ecosystem.

The Future: guiding NextGens into impact roles

Careers4Change has worked with a variety of ‘responsible leaders’ who are already forging a new path for our future generations. But it has to be said that their successors are already asking the right questions about the future and how to do things differently. With this ambition, optimism and enthusiasm comes the opportunity to speed up the pace of change, but skills have to be honed and developed and specialists need to find their way through the social impact and impact finance maze. This has become clear to Careers4Change during seminars and workshops, where we have enjoyed passionate exchanges with MBA and Executive MBA students at the likes of Oxford Said Business School about how to find the opportunities. Careers4Change feels it has a real responsibility to connect these aspirational change makers with organisations deploying capital for social innovation outcomes.

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