Candidate Value Proposition

If you are seeking a career in an organisation delivering real-life solutions for people and planet we are here to guide you.

We aim to connect talented professionals like you with social impact organisations catalysing transformative social change.


Why Careers4Change?

  • Careers4Change is among the few consultancies in the marketplace which only recruits into social impact and impact finance roles, where the ultimate objective of the organisation is to catalyse transformative change for the benefit of people and planet.
  • We have built connections with, and regularly recruit for, a variety of organisations across the social impact ecosystem. These include the leading social investors, social fund managers, foundations, trusts, family offices and charities as well as mainstream firms which have an authentic commitment to responsible finance or impact investing.
  • Our consultants recruit into a broad reach of disciplines; these include investment management, investor relations, senior operations, legal counsel, programme management, communications and marketing, HR, impact evaluation, and senior executive roles.
  • We have a genuine interest in the career journeys of candidates and are happy to help navigate the social impact sector for those looking for a transition into the sector, but also welcome applications and enquiries relating to jobs advertised on our website.
  • We adopt a consultative approach for a more satisfying candidate journey, liaising closely with candidates throughout the recruitment process, including advising on CVs and Cover Letters, how to prepare for the interview, getting the dress code right.
  • We endeavour to ensure that candidates have positive learnings from the recruitment process especially when they are not successful, ensuring that comprehensive feedback is obtained from our clients and passed on to the interviewee.
  • Our pledge is to offer a fair and transparent recruitment process to all candidates, where all candidates are treated with respect and without prejudice.
  • We are keen to maintain communication links with our candidates even after they have started in their new role to ensure that both candidate and client are happy with their working relationship, but also to understand how we can improve our recruitment practices. It is useful to extract any learnings about the recruitment process from the candidate’s perspective.  We can also grasp any new intelligence about the sector, or indeed, understand more about the growth potential of the organisation in question. This is, after all, one of the most collaborative sectors in existence.

Responsible leadership

In a world where instances of autocratic leadership, and self-serving management are widespread, it is clear that organisations committed to genuine social impact must diverge fundamentally in their leadership approach. Leaders across the impact finance ecosystem must embody high emotional intelligence, drive change through collective collaboration, inclusive practice, and meaningful dialogue, ensuring engagement from multiple stakeholders, not just the shareholders.

Careers4Change is ready to identify, cultivate and place such transformative leaders and those who aspire to be part of this kind of inclusive, fair, purpose-driven team. If you are interested in hearing more about the impact finance sector, or specific roles, or require guidance on your next career step, or want to transition into this sector and don’t know where to start, please get in touch!

Commitment to diversity & inclusion

Here, at Careers4Change, we are champions of JEDI; Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, supporting a comprehensive approach to fostering workplaces and communities that are fair, inclusive, and respectful. We feel it is important to highlight the significance of diverse representation and inclusiveness but also reiterate the necessity for justice and fairness in processes, decisions, and opportunities.

For this reason, Careers4Change attracts talent pools of qualified candidates from diverse communities and underrepresented groups, with a variety of different life and work experience. Beyond just equality of opportunity across all demographics – including gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability and neurodivergence – we believe it is about empowering every individual to bring forth their unique perspectives, thereby enriching the collective decision-making process, bringing forth innovative ideas, and strengthening risk management.

In this way, our clients benefit from candidates who generate original perspectives and new ways of thinking which is vital if we are to create a dynamic movement for social change through innovative finance.

We encourage our clients to:

  • Champion an inclusive culture by recognising and valuing the wide spectrum of diversity across their organisation.
  • Celebrate diversity by proactively celebrating and honouring different cultural, religious and experiential backgrounds to enhance organisational collaboration and unity
  • Transparently communicate the organisation’s commitment to JEDI through all recruitment channels, including Job Ads and social media marketing
  • Adopt anonymised recruitment processes where names are omitted from CVs to minimise bias and ensure merit-based selection

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