We bring specialist, purpose-driven talent to the social impact sector to help accelerate the pace of social change and transform lives.

At Careers4Change we work every day to be the go-to, trusted specialist recruitment consultancy for social impact and impact finance organisations seeking outstanding talent to help catalyse social and environmental transformation.

We support a variety of organisations in the sector through bespoke recruitment partnerships, from the leading social investors to social fund managers, social banks, well-funded trusts and foundations, both charitable and corporate, as well as family offices reallocating a share of their philanthropic capital to impact investing.

We also ally with inspiring think tanks and partner with charities supporting a variety of underserved groups in our communities. Finally, we engage with corporate entities committed to sustainable and responsible investing.

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To connect purpose-driven individuals with impact finance and innovative organisations focused on delivering positive social change.

We are ambitious regarding our goals to guide talented professionals into jobs that stimulate social change. We focus especially on those driving capital (grants, debt, equity) to fund solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges and accelerating investment into businesses or funds which deliver a measurable social and environmental impact.

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Our Vision is a marketplace where employers and employees, across all sectors, prioritise purpose in their work, build diverse teams with shared values, and work together using the power of capital as a catalyst for social and environmental transformation.

We are committed to bringing talent to the social impact ecosystem adhering to a set of core values in our practices: Collaborative, Open and Inclusive, Purposeful, Rigorous, Authentic.

Diversity Matters

We are champions of JEDI; Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, supporting a comprehensive approach to fostering workplaces and communities that are fair, inclusive, and respectful. We highlight the significance of diverse representation and inclusiveness while reiterating the necessity for justice and fairness in decision-making.

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A recruitment consultancy that stimulates transformative change through human capital

The Careers4Change team recognises the critical role of human capital in driving change in an era when reshaping behaviours as employers, employees, investors, and others is essential for the future of our people and planet. We are intent on engaging decision-makers and employees capable of driving innovation and genuine impact.

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Who we work with

Better society capital
New Philanthropy Capital
The Social Change Nest
Sporting Assets
Access The Foundation for Social Investment
Fair for you
Social investment business
Charities aid foundation
Responsible finance
Power to change
Social Tech Trust
The power family
Oracle Head & Neck Cancer UK
Essex sight
Key fund
Guy and st thomas charity
Firebird Foundation logo
Fair finance
Fair 4 All Finance
Dalgarno trust
Clearly drinks
Charity bank
Bristol and bath regional capital
Profit with purpose
P3 collective

“We have an opportunity to move mankind to the future we want.”

— Ban Ki-Moon

The world is facing complex challenges, among them, inequality, social instability, climate change, energy crisis, freshwater shortages, in addition to the more recent impact of a global pandemic and regional conflict, which, in turn, threaten economic activity. The time to act is now! to create a world which is sustainable for our future generations! But we believe that all of this can only be orchestrated effectively with the right talent and leadership in place!

Latest jobs

Access - The Foundation for Social Investment Access - The Foundation for Social Investment-logo

£66,768 - £66,768
Central London
Full-time Permanent (4 days per week pro rata may be considered)
Charity Bank Charity Bank-logo

Full-time Permanent
Access - The Foundation for Social Investment Access - The Foundation for Social Investment-logo

£78,263 - £78,263
Central London
Permanent (4 days preferred - salary will be pro rata number of days)
Key Fund Key Fund-logo

£41,033 - £41,033
Full-time Permanent
Sporting Assets Sporting Assets-logo

£30,000 - £45,000
Full-time Permanent
The Social Change Nest The Social Change Nest-logo

£40,000 - £50,000
Full-time Permanent
Responsible Finance Responsible Finance-logo

£60,000 - £70,000
Remote with UK Travel
Full-time Permanent
Charity Bank Charity Bank-logo

Full-time Permanent
Charities Aid Foundation Charities Aid Foundation-logo

£60,000 - £65,000
Full-time Permanent
Charity Bank Charity Bank-logo

Big Society Capital Big Society Capital-logo

£90,000 - £100,000
Full-time Permanent
Charities Aid Foundation Charities Aid Foundation-logo

£45,000 - £45,000
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We have an excellent reputation for listening to your requirements and identifying purpose-driven candidates with the appropriate skillsets.

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We are committed to listening to your requirements and identifying where you can leverage your skillsets to drive social change.

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What our clients say

“Careers4Change has played an important role in the recruitment of several senior leaders in our organisation in the last 12 months. We have worked closely with Sheena Pentin. She has a deep understanding of the social impact investment sector and fully appreciates the fine balance of skills and special attributes required for the many diverse and highly qualified roles across our organisation. Sheena has provided a truly consultative service and we have found her to be responsive, flexible and consistently reliable in delivering talented candidates.”

HR Business Partner

Big Society Capital

“Careers4Change have been instrumental in building our fantastic team at Power to Change. They have spent considerable time getting to know the organisation, why we exist, what we do and how we work. This ensures that we are able to recruit colleagues that are just the right fit. We have also worked with Careers4Change over the last year to improve our recruitment processes to enable us to reach a more diverse audience and build a more inclusive organisation. From a personal point of view Careers4Change are incredibly easy to work with, they are organised, responsive and good to talk to!”

Chief Operating Officer

Power to Change

“We are proud to have Careers4Change representing Firebird in our recruitment processes. The way you develop relationships and communicate with candidates is unlike any experience I have had with a recruiter before.”



“Looking back, I think this has been one of the most streamlined hiring processes we’ve run over recent years.  Thank you for your efficient support and help with this important hire, it’s been a pleasure.”



“Our experience working with Careers4Change has been extremely positive. I knew right from the preliminary meeting that I had been fortunate to find a consultant who had an excellent network of contacts and I felt that I was receiving a really tailored service”


Oracle Cancer Trust

Ready to make a change?

Across the social economy and beyond, interest in impact investing is growing considerably, generating measurable benefits for people and planet, alongside a financial return and creating meaningful and sustainable change in the world.

Meet the team

Careers4Change is on a growth trajectory, responding to the demand for more talented professionals to bring their passion and their leadership

Sheena Pentin

Founder and Director of Careers4Change
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Angela Tolliday

Specialist Recruiter – Social Impact
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Murphy Hopkins-Hubbard

Specialist Consultant - Impact Finance
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Lisa Overett

Business Support Manager
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Arabella Peterson

Social Media Marketing Manager
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Kellie Dodds

Research Manager
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How does impact finance work?

Finance has the potential to drive social and environmental change whilst also delivering financial returns, contrary to popular belief!

What is impact finance?

Impact finance is the intentional use of financial capital to bring about a measurable and positive social and/or environmental change. (Oxford Said Business School).

What does impact investing mean?

Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return (GIIN Global Impact Investing Network).

Impact investing challenges the historical notion that social and environmental issues should be addressed through philanthropic donations and market investments should focus only on delivering financial returns. Impact investing offers investors the opportunity to address social and environmental challenges whilst also expecting a return on their investment.

What is the difference between impact investing and ESG?

Impact investing focuses on achieving measurable and positive social or environmental outcomes, whereas ESG investing emphasises incorporating ESG factors into investment decision-making and risk management.

What is the impact economy?

The impact economy advocates for a positive future that includes all people, communities and places that thrive, and a planet on which diverse ecosystems can flourish.

What is blended finance?

Blended finance is a way of combining repayable finance with philanthropic funds or grants to achieve a specific social mission i.e. catalysing private capital flows (debt and increasingly equity) to social and environmental projects from socially motivated investors in combination with grants from foundations or other philanthropic bodies.

Who is making impact investments?

Charitable trusts and foundations, private foundations, social fund managers, social banks, family offices, private individuals (HNWIs), but also institutional investors; fund managers, including hedge funds, corporates, pension funds, insurance companies, religious institutions, impact investing divisions of financial institutions and banks, financial advisors, wealth managers, and more.

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