Frequently asked questions

Take a look at our FAQs for a quick fire response to some typical questions. Please do contact us if you cannot find your answers here…..

Employer FAQs

Do you recruit into positions beyond London?

Yes, we do. Whilst London was our initial stronghold, we have been assisting clients in their recruitment drives across the country from Sunderland, to Sheffield, Bristol and Oxford. We have also been approached recently to help a social impact consultancy in Dubai!

Can you help with both junior and senior positions?

Careers4Change works on roles at all levels of seniority and the only real restriction is that the organisation embarking on recruitment must have an authentic social impact agenda.

What kinds of roles do you work on mainly?

We have found that increasingly we are working on similar types of roles, which are listed on the website, but include leadership roles such as CEO/COO/CFO and Trustee roles, as well as Investment, Investor Relations, Financial Management, Operations, Programme Management, HR & Talent Acquisition, Communications & Marketing, Media & PR.

How do you screen candidates?

We review candidate CVs and Cover Letters and engage them in an online call for screening purposes, before presenting them to clients.

Do you carry out the negotiation with the candidates?

Yes, Careers4Change prefers to act as the ‘interlocuteur’ between candidate and client, in order to make sure it is a fair process with a mutually agreeable outcome.

What happens if the candidate does not work out in the first few weeks?

We have a clause built into the C4C contract which ensures that a replacement candidate is found where a number of different scenarios prevail. For further details please request a copy of the Careers4Change Terms & Conditions.

How long does the recruitment process take?

This depends on the seniority of the role, how quickly the Job Description is delivered, availability of interviewers and prevalence of seasonal holidays. However, normally the end-to-end process, from the moment the Job Description is delivered, to the candidate appointment, with confirmation of their start date and salary is about 4-6 weeks.

Do you use advertising on Jobs Boards and other media?

We consult with our clients on what their preference is and advise them on what has worked for us in the past for similar roles. So, this is decided in collaboration with the line managers or senior HR personnel.

Do you use social media to market the roles?

Yes, C4C shares the available roles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and has connections with a variety of leading change makers who spread the word and ‘share’ our job notifications across social media too.

How are you different from other recruitment consultancies?

We focus on social impact roles only and our whole ethos is based on maximising the impact we can deliver to client organisations, and their mandates, through the candidates we introduce to them. We have connections across the social sector which enable us to do that.

Candidate FAQs

Do you charge for advice regarding career opportunities in the social sector?

We are happy to provide information and direction free of charge to candidates who are keen to transition into a social change role, or who are looking for a step up from where they are within the social sector.

Does C4C work on roles in charities?

We tend to work with leading social investors, social fund managers, social banks, well-endowed trusts and foundations and some mainstream companies with a firm commitment to social impact. We also support charities as recruitment partners, especially for leadership roles, but also for fundraising and other disciplines.   

What kind of roles do you work on in social investment organisations?

We work on leadership roles but also have expertise in identifying candidates for jobs in Investment Management, Investor Relations, Financial Management, Operations, HR & People Management, Programme Management and Communications and Marketing.

Does C4C normally work with junior or senior candidates?

We work at all levels of seniority.

How does the process normally work if you want to apply for a job?

Many of our social impact sector clients like to see a CV alongside a Cover Letter for the initial stage of the application process. We will provide clear guidance on the status of your application at every stage.

Does C4C provide feedback from employers on the interview process?

Yes, C4C feels that constructive feedback is essential to improve one’s performance post-interview.

How do I know that you will keep my details confidential?

We are bound by our commitment to legislation around GDPR and absolutely adhere to our legal obligations regarding client and candidate confidentiality.

Do you work on roles outside of London?

Yes, we are not London centric and have been invited to fill roles from Sunderland, to Bristol, Sheffield and Oxford.

What is C4C’s position on diversity and inclusion?

We have a real commitment to integrity, transparency, fairness and equality in all that we do and we expect all those who work on our behalf to uphold our values.

Do you help with rewriting CVs or LinkedIn profiles?

We will certainly give you guidance on what employers in this sector are looking for, but if you want to completely restructure or rewrite your CV then we can introduce you to our partners who are experts in this domain.