Director of Finance and Support Services, Involve

  • Job Title: Director of Finance and Support Services, Involve
  • Location: Flexible with London, Belfast or Edinburgh base
  • Reporting To: Chief Executive
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Contract: Permanent

The Director of Finance and Support Services will be responsible for the sound financial management, planning and central services of the organisation.  This is a strategically important role; as we grow, we need to look to the future, and design the financial and operational systems that will help us run as a medium-sized, rather than small, organisation.

The role requires financial expertise, energy and the vision to take us forward, along with the ability to drive internal initiatives, strong people management skills and great communication. You will take ownership of our long-term financial strategy and our financial health and growth while ensuring we meet our legal and regulatory requirements and act as befits a trustworthy charity.

The role is directly supported by a Finance Officer and there is also some shared administrative support.  The role will report to the CEO, and the Director of Finance and Support Services will be part of the Senior Management Team of 5 people. This management structure was set up in 2021 to improve our operational strength and deliver greater impact.

You will bring a proven ability to: support effective governance and decision-making by the Board and the executive team through strong financial and risk management; maintain financial controls and protect our assets; and develop appropriate policies and systems that support efficient operations.

Involve is the UK’s leading public participation charity, and we want to build a more vibrant democracy, with people at the heart of decision-making.  We are experts in participatory and deliberative democracy, public engagement, governance, facilitation, policy-making, research, advocacy and much more.

Our team works across the UK and internationally, with offices in Belfast, Edinburgh and London. Many of our staff work from home across the UK or in a hybrid pattern. Our current board of trustees also brings knowledge and experience from national and local government, parliament, civil society, politics, business and think tanks. Our current Board members are: Ed Cox (Chair); Golam Morshed (Treasurer); Claire Ainsley; Dame Julie Mellor; Dr Hannah White; Kathy Jones; Paul Skidmore, and Sharon Squires.

Our values

  • Collaboration – because change comes when broad coalitions of people work towards a common vision;
  • Equity – because everyone in society has an equal right to be listened to and participate in decisions that affect their lives. No one should be held back by societal divisions or prejudice;
  • Independence – because we are committed to the integrity and impartiality of participatory and deliberative processes;
  • Purpose – because participation must have an impact. We reject tokenistic or ineffectual engagement;
  • Quality – because effective participation requires time, attention and commitment.

Our mission is to develop, support and campaign for new ways of involving people in the decisions that affect their lives.

Chief Executive

Flexible with London, Belfast or Edinburgh base

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