• Job Title: Trustee
  • Reporting To: Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Contract: Permanent

Oracle Cancer Trust is a small, dynamic charity working to advance the fight against Head and Neck Cancer and ensure that the medical community, patients, and families get as much support as possible to beat the odds with regards to this disease.  Oracle has successfully navigated the pandemic and has a new CEO, an engaged Board of Trustees and a strongly committed community from whom they get great support and guidance.  Oracle has recently completed a strategic market review which included discussions and input from all their key stakeholder communities and from which they have developed a new mission and strategy.

Oracle is seeking one or more Trustee(s) to support them in their mission to deliver against an ambitious but exciting new growth plan, building on its strong foundations with a three-pronged focus on

  • Increasing awareness and education of Head & Neck cancers in the wider community
  • Addressing delivery gaps within the Head & Neck cancer centres and delivery teams
  • Promoting more knowledge and better outcomes through research grants.

They know that early diagnosis has a direct correlation to more positive outcomes in cancer. However, lack of awareness, socioeconomic barriers and deprivation are all contributing to delayed diagnosis. COVID-19 has widened these gaps even further and the NHS is struggling to respond, leaving many communities behind. Oracle is actively engaging with key Head & Neck multi-disciplinary teams across the UK to understand how best to tackle these inequalities and there are some very tangible projects that are simply not happening due to lack of funding.

Objectives for 2022 include:

  • Increasing our impact across awareness raising, medical team firefighting and advances in treatment approaches.
  • Launching two major campaigns: Bringing Medical Research to Life & Addressing Inequality in Head & Neck Cancers
  • Continuing to develop relationships with individuals, major donors, corporates and trusts & foundations.
  • Increasing our annual income target with strong cash position that allows us to initiate call for new research projects to fund (Currently 10 live research projects).
  • Developing solid working relationships and collaboration with national Head & Neck Cancer medical community (all large UK H&N Cancer centres).
  • Helping set up a UK Head & Neck Cancer Coalition that promotes collaboration across UK Head & Neck Cancer Charities, Industry Partners (eg. Pharma) and BAHNO.
  • Continuing to deliver above and beyond with our small but high caliber team

Chair of the Board of Trustees

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