Careers4Change firmly believes this time of upheaval is a pivotal moment to engage more talent with the skills and motivation to drive social innovation and bring about systemic change.

The crisis around Covid-19 may have been the wake-up call many of us needed to do things differently. The pandemic has focused our attention on supporting local communities, with the role of social organisations and social investment becoming more critical than ever before. The economic turmoil and major health crisis have exposed deep flaws in how society and its systems function. The Stanford Social Innovation Review states: “The interconnectedness—and vulnerabilities—of the complex systems that make the modern world run have never been more apparent”.

It is clear that in terms of the job market, the pandemic has had far reaching repercussions, with the UK having witnessed the biggest quarterly economic contraction since the financial crisis in 2008. The number of people out of work and claiming work-related benefits in the UK jumped to 2.7 million as the coronavirus crisis has forced thousands of businesses to close.

Meanwhile, the attitude of some job seekers has changed for good, with more candidates after the lockdown ‘pause’, rethinking their futures and pressing re-set on their career trajectory.

Many of those looking to contribute to social change going forwards may be asking themselves: How do I find a job which creates a positive impact on people and the planet? How do I pursue a career with an organisation whose purpose aligns with my values? How do I connect with like-minded passionate changemakers? Or, how can I hone my skills to be even more effective in the social sector?

Careers4Change has already helped many would-be changemakers redefine their career path.

The pandemic has also exposed many socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and gender inequalities. During the doorstep campaign series for the Women In Social Finance (WISF) community, Suzanne Biegel, co-founder of the Gender Smart Investing Summit and Chief Catalyst at Catalyst at Large, shared her hopes and visions for social finance amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. She stated that it has exposed the lack of women in finance and said this is the moment to raise the visibility of extraordinary women so that their voices can influence policy.

The activism for racial justice taking place across the globe has coincided with the health and economic disparities revealed by the virus.  Only with our collective action and responsibility, and with more attention to diversity and inclusion, will we be able to make a lasting change.

At Careers4Change our recruitment drives aim to be as inclusive as possible, connecting with our diverse network and welcoming applications from all candidates.

Meanwhile, as we navigate a humanitarian and financial catastrophe, Private Equity International (PEI) suggests that “in some respects the outbreak is turning every investor into an impact investor”.  There are likely to be substantial opportunities for impact investors who don’t only look for financial objectives, but also to meet a range of social impacts. Gianluca Romano, Global Head of indirect capital research at JLL, said: “The current crisis is refocusing decision-making on the sustainability of investment opportunities and on building more resilient portfolios to guard against future crises”.

Hopefully, we will observe private equity firms increasingly investing in social impact post-pandemic, prioritising the allocation of capital in the direction of social organisations to support local community action, drive the economic recovery and #buildbackbetter.

Careers4Change works closely with a number of social investment organisations to identify talent which will make them more robust and resilient than ever to deal with the post-pandemic world.

Out of adversity comes opportunity. With the right talent and responsible leaders in place, we will be in a better position to guide our people and planet towards a more sustainable future. Do you want to be part of this post Covid-19 world with a focus on careers which service societal need and environmental imperatives?

Careers4Change can help you clarify your objectives, hone in on your skillsets and crystallise your purpose!

Despite the restrictions, we, at Careers4Change, have been operating throughout ‘lockdown’, are open for business and ready to help our candidates and clients connect to deliver positive social change during these difficult and challenging times.