Job Title: Senior Lending Manager
Location: South of England (home based)
Reporting to: Director of Lending
Contract: Permanent, Full-time
Salary: Competitive
Date closes:Wednesday, 20th October, 2021
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Role Purpose

The Senior Lending Manager is responsible for increasing the growth in Charity Bank’s lending book by cultivating relationships with target charities, social enterprises and referral sources in order to identify and secure new lending opportunities and then convert these opportunities into high-quality, socially impactful loan assets.

They will work very closely with the Director of Lending to optimise business development efforts in the South of England and maximise new lending productivity by undertaking the development of referrals and opportunities generated either by themselves or by other Banking Team members into loan applications (‘deal writing’), thereby contributing to aggregate team lending targets. The Senior Lending Manager will also develop and implement new sub-sector business development strategies and generally raise the profile of Charity Bank’s role and mission.

Key Responsibilities

1.Business Development, Credit Assessment and Transaction Management

  • Identify and secure new lending opportunities in Charity Bank’s target markets and within the bank’s risk appetite and criteria.
  • Research and develop sub-sector business development strategies and provide expertise to the Banking team and Exco.
  • Oversee completion of loan applications from introduction to credit committee presentation, ensuring that Charity Bank’s standards are met and consistently applied.  Undertake thorough credit due diligence and analysis, prepare credit applications and manage loan transactions through legal documentation and completion.
  • Meet annual individual business development targets and contribute to team targets as agreed with the Director of Lending and/or other relevant Senior Managers, with appropriate training and support.
  • In collaboration with colleagues, constantly strive for improvement in internal process and the customer’s experience.
  • Actively manage existing relationships with borrowers, sector bodies and other referral sources.
  • Be a champion for actual and potential customers in the social sector, identifying barriers to access to finance and proposing, piloting and supporting innovative solutions.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with third parties who may be a source of business for Charity Bank, including umbrella and representative organisations, trusts and foundations, and professional firms or service providers, active or potentially active in the region.
  • Develop and enhance the profile of Charity Bank to potential borrowers and depositors throughout the region by direct and indirect marketing, seeking business opportunities through speaking at and attending conferences and external events and by pursuing networking opportunities. Create and maintain contact with the regional press and media under guidelines set by the Marketing Department.
  • Manage and develop relationships with ethical and high street lenders to the social sector, social finance intermediaries and other organisations that have complementary business objectives to Charity Bank, with a view to cross-referring (where outside our risk appetite) and/or sharing loan deals (where beyond our lending capacity).
  • Liaise with various public sector bodies, including Government and local authorities, with a view to developing our lending activities in the region.
  • Market Charity Bank’s savings products.
  • Other tasks as may be directed by the Director of Lending or other relevant Senior Managers.
  • Ensure full and accurate utilisation of the bank’s CRM system.

2.Deal writer

  • Whilst developing their own business development contacts and opportunities and growing a portfolio of new loans, it is expected that the Senior Lending Manager will contribute significantly to aggregate Team targets, principally as a Deal Writer for the Team. In particular, they will provide support in this regard to the Director of Lending.
  • Assess the risks associated with a loan application, including site visits for fact-finding, review the business plans / financial information relating to a potential borrower and liaise with their trustees /managers / directors.
  • Make loan recommendations with appropriate risk analysis of good quality to the Credit Team.
  • Work with Charity Bank staff, appointed professional firms and with borrowers to ensure that approved loans are processed quickly and efficiently through to final drawdown.
  • Support the Portfolio Management Unit in the production of annual reviews by seeking answers to questions where appropriate. At all times maintain the relationship with the borrower. Identify borrowers who are or may be suffering credit stress and who represent an actual or potentially impaired exposure for Charity Bank and support the Credit Team in any work-out action that may be required.

Skills and Experience


  • Over 5 years’ relevant experience with a strong background in banking or similar organisation (10 years’ relevant experience preferable).
  • Proven business development skills and track record
  • Proven experience of negotiating and influencing at a senior level
  • Proven experience of lending, credit analysis, including unsecured lending in a commercial environment


  • Banking qualification (or qualified by experience of a minimum of ten years)
  • Relevant degree desirable.
  • Analytical skills including review of annual reports and accounts
  • Knowledge of company law and accounting policies and standards
  • Knowledge of government and local authority funding
  • Knowledge of the social and charity sector

Special aptitudes:

  • Excellent communicator – both orally and written
  • Strong organisational skills, excellent at prioritising and managing own time
  • Highly numerate and computer literate, comfortable using computer applications
  • Proven skills and experience in banking, lending and business development
  • A team player with well-developed interpersonal skills, able to communicate and work effectively with both senior managers and directors as well as support staff
  • A self-starter
  • Ability to establish credibility and respect quickly
  • Adept at knowing when to involve or seek guidance from their manager


  • Empathetic; remains calm in the face of other people’s emotions
  • Excellent Interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence
  • Influencing skills – good at getting a message across
  • Self-reliant and able to work on own initiative
  • Discreet and tactful
  • Quick to understand and cautious in expressing judgement
  • Finds practical solutions
  • Integrity
  • Willingness to travel, sometimes at short notice when circumstances require.


  • Driven by a desire to use their skills to contribute to positive social change
  • Motivated to over-achieve personal targets to support the overall success of Charity Bank – results oriented
  • Committed to own continuing personal development
  • A champion of good practice and people development
  • Leads by example and sets own personal high standards.
  • Intellectual and self-motivated

Thinking style

  • Able to analyse a problem and present options to resolve it
  • Creative, innovative and change-orientated
  • Pragmatic approach to problem-solving
  • Well-organised and systematic in approach. Detail conscious
  • Does not waiver in pursuit of good outcomes in the best interest of the Bank


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