Ethical investing, responsible finance, ESG, SRI, impact investing, social investment, good money…We have so many terms which reflect the power of money to make significant change in the world. Yet, it seems that the potential of creating sustainable outcomes through the use of capital for good is still a nascent phenomenon in some circles.

Covid-19 has invoked the need for all of us to come together and support communities, in some cases by setting up funds to support the critical care teams at a local hospital, or other such actions. This has had the sobering effect of highlighting that we could all be doing more to drive change. The lockdown imposed on many of us gave us time to stop and reflect. Therefore, the global pandemic is progressively being seen as the main catalyst for the much-needed systemic change which is beginning to unravel, coupled with racial injustice and the climate change crisis.

With the extractive capitalist system fundamentally broken, it is time for something new. Investment managers are warming up to the idea of impact investment; where they can still achieve a competitive return on their investment, but also generate a social return, whether that means impacting on communities or the environment. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs have been establishing mission-driven businesses for decades in an ecosystem commonly referred to as the social investment sector but, they too could stand to benefit from asset managers and family offices allocating capital in the direction of impact investment.

At the recent Global Steering Group (GSG) Global Impact Summit 2020, the Chair of GSG for Impact Investment, Sir Ronald Cohen, also Founding Chairman of Big Society Capital, the leading social impact-led investor, said that a “tipping point” had been reached as impact investing globally was predicted to reach USD1 trillion this year.

You may have considered working in the social economy for a social impact investment firm, or indeed, for a commercial organisation which is engaging in impact investment. Whatever the case, Careers4Change can help you to connect to those organisations where you will use your skillsets while generating a positive, transformational outcome for people and the planet. Of course, the key to finding a role in an organisation which combines profitability with ‘doing good’ in the world, is having a passion for purpose.

If you are interested in hearing more about the organisations which make up the social impact investment sector, or you want to explore impact investment as a career option, as well as discuss specific job opportunities, please contact us at Careers4Change on 07791 959355.