According to the Deloitte survey on 2021 Global Human Capital Trends, it is now necessary to make “a fundamental mindset shift: from a focus on surviving to the pursuit of thriving.” From our learnings through this period, we must now build back better in 2021.

Many are hoping that 1 January 2021 will be drastically different to the unexpected challenges and losses which we tackled in 2020; a major health crisis, recession and a high unemployment rate. While the pandemic focussed people’s attention on social inequalities, it also triggered a shift in perspective and the need to develop resilient businesses and communities to tackle future challenges.

Firstly, the world of work in the social sector completely changed, not allowing for office camaraderie but, instead virtual meetings enabled more people to be part of the conversation. We listened to different perspectives and remote tools opened up access to disadvantaged populations. Organisations also started to consider proactive action to improve their talent pools, empower females in their workforces and introduce inclusive tech-based initiatives.


“Disruption. Unprecedented. Crisis. Sustain. Survival. Recovery. Growth. Transform. Adapt”

—– People Matters


At Careers4Change, we have weathered the storm, despite it being incredibly challenging, and look to 2021 with hope and anticipation of better days to come. We have found ourselves in a pivotal position to support change and facilitate social sector organisations during this time to be innovative and impactful in their endeavours through delivering resilient, motivated, agile talent.

More than ever, we have encouraged the transition of human capital across sectors. We are uniquely positioned to break down barriers between the sectors so that they can collaborate to achieve greater impact more rapidly; we assist commercial sector leaders and players to move into the social sector but also to transition from the social sector into corporates as intrapreneurs.

We have reviewed our purpose too, along with many companies during this pivotal year, realising that social impact investment is #nevermoreneeded and to focus our efforts on their recruiting processes. We are inspired by the interest that mainstream investment firms are showing in reshaping and transforming their investment agendas, paying particular attention to measuring the impact of their investment decisions, with impact-weighted metrics. Covid-19 has demanded these changes and we look forward to recruiting for these organisations that will lead the way to a new frontier for capitalism and society over the next decade.

We also have shared our mission and vision with other recruiters, during conversations about creating inclusive cultures within organisations and building diverse teams. We have attended talks hosted by BAME Recruitment, Charity So White and Diversity Forum, and joined the Black Young Professionals in their newsletter. By creating a space where people feel listened to, 40% of Careers4Changes’ candidates placed this year were from BAME backgrounds.

We encourage you, during this year’s Christmas period, to make time to have difficult conversations with family members – listen to their points of view and be willing to change yourself too. Encourage your family members to see that, by promoting equal access to opportunity regardless of background or previous experience, organisations have the potential to be more resilient, solutions-focussed and creative.

We have read and screened thousands of CVs this year, seen an enormous amount of talent and experience, and will continue to successfully place purpose-driven individuals, who have both a passion for social change and the necessary skillset, in organisations with a social mission at their core in 2021.

We wish you a safe, peaceful and restorative Christmas!